Quick Windows [Win8] App Development - For Busy People Only

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Created on : 2013-11-08T05:31:55Z

Quick Windows [Win8] App Development - For Busy People OnlyEnroll for Free

This crazy-paced course will teach you to hack together your first Windows 8.1 App.

Building on top of the new beautiful Modern Apps experience, we'll leverage tons of open source, design tools, mockup tools and run through the process beginning to end.

We'll use:

  • HTML/CSS + Semantic UI for Layouts
  • JavaScript and TypeScript for business logic
  • Handlebars.js for templates
  • jQuery, SuperSlides
  • Visual Studio 2013 and Blend

Video are ~2-3 minutes each, go at a crazy pace (you'll probably have to pause) and let you get the max out of the time you spend watching those videos.

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