Javascript: Foundation classes on Javascript

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Created on : 2015-12-05T07:47:57Z

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Learn javascript - the heart of web development

Welcome to the exceptional preparing on JavaScript.

This course is a quick revision of all essential components in JavaScript. All concepts are explained in a very detailed manner so that you can get most of it. If you are new to Javascript and want to learn the basics then, this course is for you. I have structured this course in such a way that a newbie can learn each and everything.

Some features of this course on javascript are :

  • Writing first javascript

  • Comments

  • External JS file

  • Data types

  • Strings

  • Assignment Operators

  • Operator to compare

  • Logical Operator

  • Conditional Operators

This course helps you to build strong insight about javascript. This course on javascript helps you to build better concepts with suitable examples and appropriate discussions. This course will help you with your coding career. It will help you develop creative mindset towards Web Development.

This course targets both the beginners and the intermediates. No scripting knowledge is required to start this course. I will teach you writing your first Javascript in the course. All the material is in video format.

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