Master realtime apps building extensive chat app (public and private) using socket io react and node.

Do you want to master socket io to build realtime applications using MERN stack? Then this course is all you need.

I have put many months of hard work into this course to cover almost everything you need to know about socket io to build real time apps.

You will code the app from scratch and understand how to build your app along the way by adding many essentials features that make up a very solid realtime chat app.

Even though it is a chat app, the concepts you will learn in this course will help you to add realtime features in any MERN stack app.

I have gone into very details on building this chat app to cover almost all the possible scenarios such as user public and private chat, user joined and left notification, user online and offline status, duplicate usernames, error messages, unread messages notification, private chat with multiple users at the same time and much more.

This course is packed with so much knowledge that by the end of this course, you will feel super comfortable to use socket io in your next project to add realtime features nice and easy!

Enroll into this course and take your skill set to a whole new level.